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The Rise and Quick Demise of AMCBlog’s Youtube Channel – DA Op1

As the title explains, my original idea for my DA has now burnt to the ground…

Not that it was necessarily unsuccessful. My pitch video that I uploaded online to my YouTube channel received roughly 45 views and I gained 6 subscribers , which is pretty good for my ‘first’ video which was roughly 2.45mins long!

I had intended to film videos that spoke around the pop culture genre and different topics that took my interest, but I believe this open flexibility found me quite lost and unable to film myself talking about these topics. I wasn’t motivated to film videos and publish them as I wasn’t interested. I didn’t find a passion in having to go to all these lengths and then had to stare at myself and edit the videos – if anyone reading this hasn’t guessed by now, I hate my face!

But apart from that, I found that interacting with others and being other individuals audience for their DA’s was something I liked to do. They have helped me realise its okay to not like what I’m doing, but develop from this point and do something I want to be doing. So this takes me to AMCGames… Or at least something around that line!

I’m really interested in my spare time playing various video games that I like. However, with university and my job, I’ve found myself not playing them because I can’t excuse the time – as it isn’t relevant to my classes or anything! But I am hoping to move my DA to a Twitch channel. Before doing this for my DA I actually did Twitch streaming occasionally, when I actually found time to play games! I will be interacting with audiences who are interested in gaming, specifically those in the RPG, adventure and puzzle genre, such as Tomb Raider, Spiderman, Uncharted, The Last of Us etc.

Doing this for my DA not only gives me a reason to be more interested in what I’m doing but also lets me feel more motivated to stream and interact with my audiences live instead of through comments. I’m also hoping this can help me involve myself more with the gaming community as well. If I was to gain enough of an audience, Twitch also offers a paid option the more you stream and gain ‘followers’ so that could be an ideal way I can earn income to put towards the channel for things such as cameras, games etc.

Ideally I will be regularly streaming, with a minimum of once a week, with audience interaction. To also make use of the YouTube Channel I made, I would ideally like to post highlights on there from streams as Twitch as a feature that keeps your streams for 24 hours and then deletes them as a smaller channel.

Otherwise, that is the status of my DA and hopefully it only goes up from here!

Till next time,

Alex 🙂


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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