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Digital Artefact BETA BCM114

As noted in an earlier post on my blog, I moved from a YouTube channel for my DA, to a Twitch channel where I live stream video games with live commentary.

alexmaree2000’s Twitch channel is a channel that streams roughly once a week. Through my beta video, we see explored that I wish to make this more regularly however to increase my interaction with followers. Whilst I have a small amount of followers, it is slowly growing with each stream and eventually could hit bigger numbers.

However, the process of setting up a Twitch channel is definitely not time effective. I took me hours and hours to work out how to use a recording and live streaming program such as OBS Streamlabs for my laptop, I paid about 20$AUD for an artist to design my channel art. Which only then flopped as my laptop wont run and stream at the same time if someone else is on the house wifi… Its quite painful.

The request I filled out with the order on Fiverr

So I resorted to just streaming off my PS4, which meant that I had no face cam – and a surprisingly key element to twitch streaming as audiences like to actually see who they are interacting with online. Rather than just hearing their voice over the gameplay.

I have posted regularly on Twitter, as another way to interact with an audience, where I seek what days would be best for the viewers to join me on stream and also what games they may prefer for me to play, as it is also important that they are watching something they want to watch!

I found it incredibly difficult to gain an audience, and still am, but to improve this, I am hoping to experiement with more regular times I stream, and trying with different time zones so I can find the right time to stream and hopefully get more of an ‘audience’.

Overall, my Twitch channel has lengths to go but it is a process that is trial and error. #FEFO as Ted would like to say! The prototyping and creating stage of my DA has certainly well begun but with some more trial and error can hopefully become something I’m really happy with!

Till next time,



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UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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