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We’re Halfway There – DA OP2

Prototyping… The word I feared the entire time so far on my journey with my digital artefact, the literal word that meant I really had to start my DA and start working on it to create something for people to interact with.

My online Twitch channel is certainly running and I am in a constant state of trial and error to figure out all the knicks and knacks. This being a common feature of all projects, a process of trial and error (or prototyping) to find the end model that meets the end goal.

Through the process of prototyping, making, breaking and remaking, I have made various changes in the way I think about and adapt my digital artefact. One of the sources we were given, The Complete Guide to Content Curation (Clarke, T 2018) really guided me on how to make my content more original and more unique so it is actually interesting for audiences to watch. A key point of content curation is also to grow your network and look to others for inspiration on their own works. For myself, this meant involving myself in twitch ‘culture’.

Previous Subscriptions to Twitch Creators.

For some streamers when they meet the specific requirements they are able to get a feature where audiences to do a ‘subscription’ method. Audience member’s can do this for a small financial cost but not only does this support the creator but can allow you to interact with other audience members on subscriber only features. This helped to widen my circle and audience also.

Over the last week or so, I have not streamed, I found that my motivation was lacking to involve myself with my twitch channel but getting back into my university work after the mid-session break, I’m finding myself excited to involve myself and begin streaming again. I was also looking at buy some more ‘trending’ games as it is important to keep up to date with relevant trends on twitch.

In terms of user feedback I have necessarily received ‘feedback’ but have been attempting to discuss my DA on Twitter with others and seeing if they have any suggestions for ‘ideal’ times and other ideas.

Overall, I haven’t been 100% dedicated over the last few weeks to my DA but definitely keen to get back into the process and beginning the next module of our DA progress being, making.

For those interested, you can find my twitch channel at !

Till next time,

Alex 🙂


Clarke, T (2018). The Complete Guide to Content Curation: Tools, Tips, Ideas, Hootsuite Blog


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

2 thoughts on “We’re Halfway There – DA OP2

  1. Hey Alex, i think you have put a lot of though into the progression of your DA, i can totally relate to the loss of concentration on working on the DA. I think what you written is really good, and i feel like the tutors are going to love you for your reference. I think it would be great if you elaborated on how you have experienced ‘trial and error’ throughout your work. Sounds like you are enjoying what you are doing, hope that all goes well. 🙂


  2. Hey Alex! I agree Clarke’s ‘The Complete Guide to Content Curation’ was extremely helpful in curating content and developing Digital Artefacts. I particularly liked the way that he described how to use inspiration from other online sources to make something unlike anything else. Such a clever way on looking at thing. You are completely right that this is the testing stage of which we need to see what works and does not work for us. I too found motivation an issue. Can I suggest printing your University timetable and penciling in an hour that you can purely work on your DA. I have done this and it always makes me feel guilty if I don’t use that hour productively. Make sure you hang the timetable in a place that you are FORCED to look at it. On the whole, love your work! I will definitely be following you to see the final stage!


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