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McLuhans’ The Medium is the Message (WK3 Blog)

We live in a world where things have deeper meanings than just the plain eye can see. Certain things influence us in different ways and those things can be interpreted differently depending on the person etc. Have you ever wondered why this is? Why some things in our life mean more than what we may initially think?

Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan is a philosopher, who wrote a book in 1964 called Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. This is where he developed his theory that “The medium is the message“. He has given a reason as to why this can be.

Personally, this has taken me time to understand his theory to the best of my ability. The main points I have taken from his theory consist of;

  • The medium that a message is sent on is more important than the actual message
  • Mediums have changed over time. For example what was initially, traditional print media is now developed to the internet.
  • McLuhan believes that these changes in the medium expresses a change in “scale, pace and pattern”.
  • McLuhan also expresses that our context influences the way we interact with the world and one another. So this means that the medium is an extension of ourselves.

This is a summary of his theory of course so it isn’t everything that McLuhan explains in his theory, but his book is definetly worth the read.

Till next time,

Alex 🙂


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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