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The Logic of Digital Production & the Network Economy

When you wrap your head around the base idea of McLuhans’ “The medium is the message” theory, you are then able to further understand and consider other shifts and developments in today’s media.

An example of a shift in media is the advancement in media mediums is where individuals were once unable to participate in the media they consume. Whereas in modern day, gifted by the internet, individuals are able to participate with the media eg. comment on blog posts much like this one!

Something that stood out to me in this week’s lecture & learning’s about the medium being the message is the development and use of legacy and emergent medias. Legacy medias being thing such as Newspapers, Radio & TV, whereas, emergent media can be literally anything online!

The above tweet is something I made to compare 2 economic models we looked at in learning about McLuhans theory and applying to every day life. These two are a comparison for (basically) older media mediums and newer media mediums.

Whilst used at different time periods, in modern day we obviously lean towards emergent media with the daily use of internet from millions of people every day. Anyone can create something and anyone can basically access something in emergent media.

Emergent is more circular whereas legacy media is linear.

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Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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