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Internet Paradigm I (Wk5)

I found the beginning to our topic about the Internet Paradigm to be very interesting. Through our lectures, tutorial discussions and other research, you are able to come to the conclusion that literally everything we have and use in our lives is a product of collective intelligence. For all of human time, everything we use, consume and create is literally is done through the knowledge and collaboration of things we have learnt from other influence.

It is believed that collective intelligence has stemmed from network participation, as a new way of communication. This new way of communication can allow the idea of 2 way communication, which can allow the user, and the producer the ability to engage in a new form of communication. Overall, this new and developing idea, can be expressed though the rise of social media.

Social media plays an extensive role in proving the idea of collective intelligence. No idea these days are original. There will be and always is something that it stems from, whether it be a meme they saw or the influence that someone may have on another. You could see something online and not even realise you have gained this knowledge that has been shared, then you do the same thing somehow, and the pool of collective intelligence just continues to span across individuals.

The remediation I made above just makes a modern comedic take on the collective intelligence and just reinstating that no one has the ability to create their own idea, even if they want to have their own original idea with no input/collaboration from anyone.


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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