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Internet Paradigm III (Wk7)

From the moment we begin to learn and can understand things in our lives, we develop an idea called schema. Schema is where external stimulus are stored in our memories. Over time we associate these memories with meanings and this then builds our frame for understanding the world we exist in.

Now when I say frame, I don’t mean the images frames we hang on the wall, but frames of our everyday lives, the things we look through to see our own lives. Framing can be important in sending the message you want to send to others – ultimately even considered to be a form of manipulation, you express a message in a certain way to receive a certain response.

After our lecture about Schema and frames, I’ve learnt about how much in our every day lives has allowed us to frame our lives in a particular way. For example, the rise of social media has allowed influencers to pose a lifestyle online. Personas to engage a crowd and to maintain ‘followers’. Influencers and almost any individual that uses social media live this perceived reality, stuck in an aesthetic that doesn’t exist.

This represents exactly what a frame is, take filters on Instagram. They don’t exist, people aren’t really seeing through “Sierra” or “Tokyo” filters. But we live through this reality and people’s perceptions are altered by a photo with this filter, different influences cause different interactions with the product. What kinds of schema have influenced your life? Do you look through a frame in your daily life? Because if you don’t I’m not sure you’re human 🙂



Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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