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Algorithmic control I (Wk9)

In a universe where there is endless possibility on the internet, it is important to consider how much information is actually online. And with all this information available, there is no doubt that people will use other peoples works for their own benefit. It is the enteral risk of posting your work online, you run the risk that someone could take your own work. This is where copyright steps in to defend the creator.

Copyright is basically a collection of rights entitles to creative works and the respective owner to conduct those works in manners they see fit. For us in Australia, copy right protection is immediately given to the creator, creators don’t need to apply for protection for they things that they create.

Personally, for my digital artefact in BCM112 I create and sell paper handmade frames for individuals homes, more often than not, these are pop culture themed, meaning I am working with licensed products and brands such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney. This means I need to be incredibly careful with I post my items for sale, expressing very clearly that I do not own any branding to create frames, and that the only profit I make is from the physical products and time to make it.

It is a fine line as individuals need to be careful when reusing content to make sure this is okay or they have permission. Another example of the fine line between copyrighting someones work and making your own original work is tracing. For many artists there is the controversial argument of “tracing” and many people believe that tracing is a form of copyrighting. It is tracing the outline or certain parts of a picture to then make it your own or to use it as a guide.


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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