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Reflecting on BCM212 and my Research Task

Where to begin when looking back at this semester. It has been a semester of firsts that is for sure. The biggest first being the big ol’ Corona. Absolute credit and props to Kate and her faculty/tutors! But literally any staff in the BCM faculty. I do not think I’d still be enrolled in UOW if it wasn’t for how helpful and understanding you all were this semester with Covid19 going on and the transitions online.

Beginning this research project, I was pretty set on the topic I wanted to look into. That being student attendance in university classes. I would not say Covid19 particularly impacted my topic, as students knew the feeling of attending classes (or not for that matter). But some people’s responses when they took my survey were influenced by Covid19 and they mentioned this in their responses. That is the only thing that particularly impacted my research project. I appreciate every individual that filled out my survey also, it was so nice to be able to receive the help I needed!

Writing this reflection with the now completed research project there are definitely some things I would do differently. The main thing would to be time managing more correctly and sticking to a plan. Not only have I handed my assignment in late but found myself struggling to write it in the end. Panicking that it was not going to be done, and of course because a large majority was written late, it is not representative of my best work. However, I am still proud of the research that was conducted and the survey results that I achieved! With more time or even planning, I would’ve loved to perform a few interviews with students to see their own opinion on my topic regarding student attendance in classes, this would’ve just given me more edge to my own research and supported my claims slightly more than just the survey responses.

Other than just my research project, I continued to develop my knowledge about research ethics and research projects. I found the content that we went through weekly really supported me in learning the right way to conduct research and release our works and ideas into the world.

I also loved the online interaction between one another. The vibe and support between teachers and students, even just over twitter is something that was extremely comforting in such a difficult time. Overall I really enjoyed BCM212 and the work that was inside the subject, and cannot wait to be in similar subjects that will have such a passionate teaching staff and a supportive cohort.

Alex 🙂


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UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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