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BCM241 Pitch

Above is my pitch for my BCM241 Digital Artefact.

I have decided to look into the Harry Potter Fandom and their interactions online with their associated Hogwarts House.

At the end of all my research, to present my findings, I have decided for my DA to be in the form of a video essay. I find this to be the most suitable way to express my findings as I can explore certain video clips and scenes in the films that individuals may reference.

When in the form of a video, individuals may find it easier to absorb the information and can appeal to individuals who are not interested in reading paragraphs of information.

As quickly stated in the pitch video, I will be performing two research methods to gather research. This is a case study and participatory observation.

A case study, which is a process of research where detailed consideration is given to a group or topic over a certain amount of time, is useful because I will be able to evaluate what houses are popular picks by people, and explore the reasons as to why they pick this, or even what influenced them to ‘pick’ their house.

Participatory observation is also crucial. This involves me interacting with the environment in real time and emerging myself into the culture of the Harry Potter fandom (although this is not difficult!). This will involve me interacting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, all of which can access a large platform of individuals and gather as much research as possible.

Overall, I hope for my research and findings to be useful to many people. Fellow students who are researching similar topics, fans of the series that are interested as to why we involve ourselves so much with the series and even to people who wish to create a series just as popular as the Harry Potter series, learning from the successes of the 7 book series.


Alex 🙂


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