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“I’ve been TikToking” BCM206 BETA Video

We come back to another adventure of AMC Designs Studio, with our TikTok account that was created for the BCM206 Digital Artefact. Whilst it has been an interesting few weeks since my pitch video, it has also been incredibly insightful into TikTok and the sub-communities that watch TikTok. I created my TikTok account with the aim to promote and present another platform that shows my online Etsy store. I enjoyed getting to make some videos behind the scenes and express how I make the products that are listed in my store. Unfortunately the videos weren’t as popular as expected, but they still managed to bring an audience into my store and to my page. I’ve had 2 orders since making my TikTok videos and have even noticed a regular increase in activity with my store, such as liking items. But I have also noticed a few things with the TikTok community. Many believe that the trick to getting a ‘viral’ video is simply based on luck and the right coding in the algorithm, but personally, I believe it to be also based on the interaction the account actually has with the app. The more interaction I had with the app, such as commenting, liking or following accounts, I found that I tended to receive those things back in return! In our BCM degree, we come across a few acronyms, one being FIST. Fist is a process of points that can help lead you to a successful digital artefact. F – fast I – Inexpensive S – Simple T – Tiny Looking at my TikTok, I’d disagree that my DA follows a FIST procedure. The time it takes to plan, film and edit a video was way more that what I had expected, this really turned me off making TikTok videos. I intially thought that 15 – 60 second videos really couldn’t be that hard, but to make a video that can capture an audiences attention was more difficult then just filming it. But overall, I have enjoyed getting to interact with multiple communities on TikTok. I have enjoyed so far, getting to post videos expressing my hard work on my audience, even just getting to see if posting them at a different time can make them more popular. I am ready to take what I have learnt over the last few weeks, to continue posting videos that are hopefully more popular than ever! – AMC Blogs

Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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