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Cyber Warfare – BCM206 Wk10

Coming into these topics regarding hacking etc, I had a strong interest into learning more about those who hack, especially those who hack in aim to better society and release secrets that have been kept hidden, taking for example as I explored in my previous blog was the Julian Assange scandal, where he hacked and released information about he US government, and then released the details to the public.

But another topic that was interesting this week was cyberwar. Cyber warfare refers to a cyber attack where one country attacks another country obviously through technology. Just as powerful as an armed attack, they more often then not can trigger a military response.

One specific case where we see a cyber attack was in 2016. Russian hackers accessed and influenced the 2016 US presidential election, they stole emails from the Democrats, attacked voter registrations lists and even hacked social media algorithms to influence ads and things that came up on people’s feeds. It was eventually over time made clear that the Russian hackers and automated ‘bots’ promoted pro Donald Trump messages and even used social media to create controversial topics such as immigration and Islamophobia.

Over time our rise in use of technology and development we have found that the power individuals can have through a computer is enough to take down systems, manipulate, and even cause destruction in countries, a literal cyber ware.


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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