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BCM206 Digital Artefact

AMC Designs Studio is my online Etsy store where I sell handmade art products and creations. I created AMC Designs Studio as my digital artefact a few semesters ago, and since then I have continued to develop it in my digital artefacts. For this semester, I attempted to tackle the promotion of my business – this through the platform of TikTok.

Tiktok is the latest trending social media, video sharing app. Users have the ability to film and edit videos and include music. Tiktok is accessible to iOS and Android operating systems also. There is such a large platform on Tiktok, and this stood out too me. I had seen many small business owners promoting their small businesses and they had reached such a large audience. This seemed like a good opportunity to not only promote my own store, but to reach a wider audience than just those I reach on Facebook and Instagram.

Basing my digital artefact on the rise in popularity for Tiktok, I began gathering details and began posting on my Tiktok account in the hopes of gathering a larger audience to my store. I had hoped that my videos I posted would include behind the scenes of me making products, I wanted my audience to know that my products were genuine and how much hard work went into them. This really speaks to the audience of people who support not only the creative arts but also small businesses. I wanted to attempt to post videos every week so that it was consistent and regular. Speaking of this, this leads me to critical learning moments in my digital artefact journey.

The first major learning moment in my journey, is my consistency of posing, or lack of should I say. Over the semester, I only posted 6 videos. This just purely because I didn’t particularly make many products this semester to actually record content for my Tiktok. Whilst I was able to gather a small audience on my page, with a few followers and averaging 100/200 videos each video, I did not reach the audience that I initially assumed I would receive.

However, whilst I note this as a critical learning moment, that Tiktok requires regular attention and interaction, I’d also note I received 3 products orders on my store and had a boost in regular activity on the store eg. when people favourite items or add to their cart. I found that this had a spike each time I posted a TikTok video in terms of stats for my Etsy store – this leading me to believe I rally was reaching an audience through my Tiktok.

As I am sure, many other BCM students would understand, I found myself relating my DA to FIST. Fist is a process of points that can help lead you to a successful digital artefact.

F – fast

I – Inexpensive

S – Simple

T – Tiny

Looking at my DA overall, I’d disagree that it follows a FIST procedure. The time it takes to plan, film and edit a video took longer than I initially assumed it would. I think this also partially turned me off creating videos as regularly.

Overall, I really have enjoyed getting to make my Tiktok videos, and in the future I really do wish to continue promoting my Etsy store in it. I believe whilst I haven’t reached a broader audience, I have reached to a group of people who enjoy my content – which is something the future of our networks is all about.

Till next time,

AMC Designs Studio


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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