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& That’s A Wrap BCM313

In all honesty I was not quite sure what to expect when I selected BCM313 for my subject this semester. Part of me was worried because it was my first 3rd year subject in my 2nd year, and another part of me stressed that maybe I wasn’t at the right level to be completing this subject. Soon after starting I realised this was far from the case. Our study into narrative practice and the future of work was something that intrigued me highly.

Whilst generally I dread completing assignments and tasks for subjects, I found myself actually excited to work on my BCM313 works. I was proud to present the work that I had produced and written by myself. The content was so well laid out for me and during such a tough semester online, it was certainly some fresh air to see content so clearly laid out.

The one thing that stuck out with me for this subject was literally just the staff. Where do you even begin to describe such amazing people. I used this to describe the content, but the staff for BCM313 are literally the biggest breath of fresh air. They are people that understand we students are people too, and sometimes we may not always be perfect. They understand that some days might be harder than others, and of course we understand that back in the same way. The staff are so incredibly supportive and considerate of our education with other classes and even just in our general health. I have never received so many mental health check up messages, and it tears me up to think how nice this is to receive for once. Overall, this made me feel more included and engaged with the class and assessments, I even felt human just trying to get my way through all the work that university loads on you.

BCM313 is a really interesting class to take, and personally I would recommend it to any student unsure whether it is the right subject for you to take. I have been very reflective during my time in 313 and I almost feel as if I have found a path, I want to take moving forward.

I really do want to thank the staff for BCM313, more specifically my tutor Nhi and the coordinator Kate. You are both amazing women and you create an environment where I love to learn. Kate, thankyou so much for being so understanding and an amazing role model for the work force. You are so pure and understand that we are human, and we need time sometimes as well, take for example, you extend the due date of this assignment because we had other work due with other classes! That consideration is something that I really appreciate, and I hope I hold the chance to be your student again in the future. Thankyou once again.

This takes me to the last assignment submission for this semester & trust me when I say I am full of relief for making it through, especially in such a challenging semester online. Out of all my classes, I can gladly say, I am most proud of my work in BCM313.

See you next semester!

Alex Cooper 🙂 x


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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