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Where Are We Up Too?

Another week goes by in the land of University. For this weeks post, we are doing an assignment for BCM325, we are checking in on our peers and seeing what their DA topics are, and how they went with their pitch! Providing feedback in the comments was one of the requirements, but either way it is good to support my peers work and see how they are going with the class work!

1st Comment –

Josephine was looking into women and their roles in leadership. I find this topic incredibly interesting, not only because I am a woman myself, but because how relevant it is in our modern day society. Josephine makes reference to the course content and has a nice outline for how she hopes to proceed with her DA. I suggested some examples that Josephine can at specifically in terms of women in leaderships roles such as Jacinda Ardern (NZ Prime Minister).

2nd Comment –

Another DA topic I really enjoyed! Tori’s DA is exploring E-Sports and how it will develop and become more relevant in our society. At the beginning, as I commented, I struggled to understand what Tori’s DA was specifically exploring. She jumped into how she was going to perform her DA, which was through a Twitch gaming channel. This is a great idea! But I did struggle to initially understand how she was relating it to our topic of future cultures. I commented on how her background research was highly useful and provided some key points that really influenced her topic’s point of view eg. E-Sports will increase in popularity was time continues. I then continued to suggest even promoting her Twitch channel on other social media platforms so that she can reach more of an audience and possibly reach the sub goals that Tori has set for her Twitch channel!

3rd Comment –

Jessie’s DA pitch for BCM325, was once that really stood out to me as really well done! Her work was in depth, relevant to the materials and she constantly was using reference to the lecture content and research she had done herself in regards to her topic. I began my comment letting her know this, because whilst it is important to give constructive criticism, it is also key to give compliments to peoples work where relevant. I also recommended expanding her topic to just some blog posts to possibly posting a video series on TikTok to ‘publish’ her findings in regards to social media and marketing in our near and distant future.

Overall, I have enjoyed reading and watching where my peers are up to regarding their DA’s and what topics they are interested in pursuing. I have given my ideas of advice as much as I could think of, and whilst I could have also used some other sources to assist them in their research, I believe I developed a great understanding of their topics and will enjoy looking out for their future DA posts and activity online !

Till next time,

Alex Cooper


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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