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Future Depictions of AI in our Poplar Culture – BCM325 DA Beta

Creating my DA for BCM325 has been interesting so far. First of all, lets begin by revisiting my initial DA topic. I was exploring Artificial Intelligence in our society through blog posts on my WordPress website. However, I found that exploring media such as film and games, was not engaging to readers or myself. I wanted to try the use of a TikTok account.

TikTok has always had a significant potential for ‘trending’ videos and seems to grow every day. The whole idea behind TikTok however, is to keep the content short to that audiences do not have to pay attention for longer than 1 minute – even then, it’s a blessing to have someone stay engaged with a video for more than 30 seconds. So, I also found it difficult to create content that was engaging, yet also that explored my topic in an in depth manner. Therefore, I lost a lot of content that should have been put in my videos eg. I struggled to link it back to our course content and theories.

Moving forward, I believe I need to be engaging with an audience more and attempting to gain an audience also. Possibly promoting my videos or engaging with similar accounts? But more importantly, I need to make more engaging content and connect my work with our course content.


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

10 thoughts on “Future Depictions of AI in our Poplar Culture – BCM325 DA Beta

  1. Hey Alex Great blog! I agree, WordPress is hard to create feedback or interaction. TikTok benefits from engaging visuals for a wide audience, it is evidence hashtags are seen on multiple pages, although expanding platforms won’t hurt. I feel this content is popular and important today, to discuss, AI can be seen in all aspects of life, including marketing. Elon Musk believes it is dangerous.
    keep iterating with feedback! I believe people are interested in the topic just need to pick the right target audience.


  2. Hi Alex!

    I love this presentation! The way you discussed your project was really easy to follow, I really felt like you gave great insight into your headspace on this DA journey. I agree that it might be a bit difficult to find lecture theories that specifically connect to other AI films. Chris does briefly mention the assigned films in the lectures when discussing certain topics, so looking at those films might be a good starting point to connect your reviews to the lecture content? I understand that could be a bit repetitive and you probably want to look at other examples of AI in films.

    Here’s a list of possible films you could review, some we’ve watched in class, others we haven’t.
    The article gives some great insights about whether or not the predictions made in these films are realistic, and also provides links to the research of some futurists and roboticists to legitimise his thoughts.

    Here’s another list: I know giving you lists of films is probably a bit redundant because you might have reviewed them already but this one has different recommendations than the other source I gave you (the website’s also called the medical futurist which I thought was appropriate).

    Incorporating more hashtags is a great way to gain more traction on TikTok. Have you considered posting your TikTok’s as Instagram reels? I do have the TikTok app but I don’t really use it that often and I found that personally I come across more TikTok’s on Instagram. This could be another way for you to expand your reach. Also linking your TikTok to your Twitter and blog posts would be a great way for your audience to access your content from various different points.

    I love this project, and I’m excited to keep following along!


  3. Hey Alex, this is a great beta video! Once again your video content was presented with engaging material and everything was clear and easy to understand. I liked how you gave your audience a refresher of what you’re doing. I definitely agree that you should switch up your DA away from blogs, as not a lot of people really browse through blogs anymore. TikTok is definitely a good choice as to where you can start your DA as said, TikTok is a great platform to blow up small content creators. Personally, after watching your beta video, I agree that it would be very hard to fit all the content you would like into a 1 minute TikTok. This is why I think that you should actually create a Yoututbe channel and create youtube videos exploring your topic of AI in the future through current film perditions. This way you no longer need to worry about squishing everything you want to explore in a tiny 1 minute video and can go through things in detail. However, don’t discard your TikTok, but simply use TikTok as a platform to further promote your youtube videos/ Channel. I am doing something similar with my DA as I’m making a twitch streaming channel while using TikTok to promote my stream and channel. I think you can do this by posting small snippets or trailers of your YouTube videos on TikTok to get people invested and to click onto your YouTube channel to watch the full content. You also mention that you are not getting a lot of views on your TikTok video, other than adding more hashtags, I personally suggest using Tiktok trends and manipulate the trends to your topic. Here’s a few of my examples:
    I find this strategy working very efficiently as all my videos gain 700+ views. I also think that you should do a series all together rather that just doing 1 on1 films as its easier to engage with your topic for people who doesn’t know much about the movies specially. Watching your pitch and beta video, I know that you definitely have the skill to make your videos very entertaining and engaging I think you just need to use your skills to your advantage in the right way such as Youtube. Another idea I think you can do if you only want to stick on TikTok is making videos like this:

    Where you make short summaries of what you’re talking about. – but then you can further expand in detail via a YouTube video.


  4. Hey Alex, your idea sounds great for a digital artefact, exploring artificial intelligence and the many ways it affects society. WordPress can be really hard to get feedback on if people don’t comment let alone read it, so I understand why you would change to TikTok, where there is a large audience that watches a lot of content. As you said though, it can be hard to link content to that platform. Maybe a platform like Youtube could help, as the length of the video could be whatever you want and allow you to target the audience to look for. Here are some smaller YouTube channels that focus on the concept of artificial intelligence I am very much looking forward to seeing how this digital artefact goes, keep up the work Alex!


  5. This DA is not only perfect for this subject but also incredibly interested. One I am interested in myself. AI throughout BCM325 has been an ever-present concept we have dealt with since the beginning weeks. By utilising this knowledge, you have created an engaging project that not only BCM student will find entertaining. Tik Tok is a perfect platform especially since there is a strong fan base presence for various movies and series that can be used to your advantage.
    To bring both your platform and subject content together, I found an article about how Tik Tok themselves uses AI which could be interesting to weave throughout your other videos to elaborate further on lecture content

    I hope this helps, and don’t be too disheartened by views as sometimes the Tik Tok algorithm is hard to crack but you never know when your next post will blow up! Can’t wait to see what else you do!


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