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BETA Reflections and Comments

Once again, another term draws close to an end. Once again – much similar to an earlier post, we are doing a check up on a few of my peers and where they are at with their BCM325 DA through their Beta videos! Overall, I commented on 3 different blogs that were assigned to me, and I gave them some feedback on their work so far and their DA topics.

1st Blog – Elissa Rhodes

“Hi Elissa!

Much like some of your initial feedback, I do not know too much about sport technology either, but I enjoyed watching your Beta presentation & am interested to see where your digital artefact leads too. Beginning your video by acknowledging that you had to change the take that your digital artefact was heading is really important – I had to do this for my own also! Recognising that you were not as interested in the original idea is important too as I agree that you need to be just as passionate about what you are writing about.

Exploring sport technology overall is interesting, having a niche topic that is already so niche I agree can make it difficult to reach an audience. Adjusting your DA topic is all apart of FEFO right?! Video essays are interesting as it can keep attention more rather than some written posts.

The below link is to a website that explores the technology for the 2020 Olympics (Which consequently was published in 2019 so it was at the time unaware of the COVID delay), so this event is not until later in the year.

The article explores an option such as 3D athletic tracking systems, this giving a 3D view of the competitor, creating an algorithm to assess the athletes form, motions etc to give better in site on performance to improve. This is a great technological advancement that will be used, and if we look at 5 years ago, this isn’t something they would assume to be possible nor accurate. So isn’t this the future of sport technology? How can we continue this and develop it in the next 5, 10, 15 etc years to come ! Great DA topic and I’m interested to see more as it comes!”

Overall, Elissa’s DA is really interesting. As I had commented, I agreed that whilst she had required to change her original idea for her DA it was important to be doing something that she liked. It is pointless doing work on an assignment that we are given an amount of freedom in the topic, to only pic one you hate and not want to work on it in future assignments. As being an individual not particularly involved in the sports culture, I actually went through work on Elissa’s DA to learn a little bit of information I may not know myself. I had also inserted a link that Elissa can use in future work as it explores the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (which is now being held later this year due to covid) and the technology that will be used in it. Olympic sport technology was one of the key topics that Elissa said she was heavily keen to look into.

2nd Blog – Benjamin Sigmond

“Hey Benjamin!

As I have said in a few other of my comments. Iteration is key, and I think we are all aware of the acronym FEFO. It’s okay that progress is slow, but as you have said, you are learning many things behind the scenes. I seem to be commenting on DA’s relevant to sports quite a lot for someone who really hasn’t participated nor knows much about sport events. But I think that helps me look at your DA from a perspective that is not so much biased but also can actually be learning something from your DA.

Blog posts on websites are an interesting way to post your DA, I would love to recommend maybe having a small and short podcast series exploring your topics rather than blog posts. It could provide more engagement with audiences and may even become something more than a DA. I believe there are platforms that help you upload a podcast file to many websites at once. Public engagement is obviously what you want as you can help develop and change your DA, so maybe you can promote your blog posts by posting them to relevant platforms. Maybe you might want to start an Instagram to promote your account, share it on Facebook or even find a relevant board on Reddit (& if permitted, post about your blog! Share the link! Shameless plugs for your work is never a bad thing!)

Looking at one specific sport in your posts sounds like a good idea to specify the topic and look more in depth at your DA. I have noticed since your DA Beta video; you’ve published a second blog post in regard to humans officiating – using tennis as your example. Personally, I think this is great! You are looking at a specific topic that is relevant to our DA brief and relating it back to your topic really well. I believe your DA so far to be relevant to our DA topic and to the subject overall.

My own DA is relevant to AI in our future – specifically based on how they are depicted in our pop culture. But a website that may be useful for you that I found is this one, it explores literally how AI is being used in sport. Looking at past and present technologies. They even reflect on the possibility of future work. I think this may be very interesting to you and your DA as you may be able to find some examples and apply it to one of your posts.

Looking forward to seeing more on your DA !”

Once again – I found myself on another DA topic relevant to sport technology – was the universe trying to tell me something haha !?! But overall, I found that Benjamin had struggled a little more to find motivation and engagement to continue his DA topic. But as I insisted in my comment, iteration is important and its okay to adapt and change your DA topic if it doesn’t fit the way you want it too – Hell, I did the same in my own DA for BCM325, and many before that. I recommended to maybe increase engagement or following, Benjamin may want to have a look at posting his work in the form of a podcast, his topic suits the sit down and listen kind of genre, and I believe it may be more engaging for someone to listen rather than just reading it – much similar to listening to the sports commentators than reading about it on Facebook the following day. Alongside that recommendation, was a resource be may want to use in a future post for his DA which was a site that explored AI and its use in sports – which for someone who is not involved in the sports culture, was actually pretty interesting to read!

3rd Blog – Katie Scragg

“Looking at technology and travel in the future is something that is particularly relevant to our modern-day society. I do agree with your reflection in regard to the broadness of the topic. It can make it a little difficult for you to know where you may be heading towards in regard to discussing the future of travel technology in the next 5, 10, 15 years etc. Maybe you can look at defining your topic a little more specifically, what kind of travel technologies do you want to look at? Overall travel? Or maybe looking at how our popular culture depicts travel to be eg. Space Odyssey was giving us the impression that the world be living on one big ship, but Back to the Future tells us we will be flying cars in no time. These are forms of travel. Are these a possible reality for our future? But in the end, defining your topic comes to you! Do you want to look at our physical world and talk about how covid has impacted the future of travel? Will future travel bubbles require a vaccine to visit another country? What about the individuals that refuse to receive the vaccine? Is travel a reality for them? I hope this does not sound like a bunch of rubbish, but being honest with you, travel technology in the future can be very broad!

I like the fact that you are using TikTok as a platform to express your work! TikTok especially targets a wider audience and due to the algorithm, use of tags and text, you can find yourself winding up on the right audiences FYPs! But considering this, TikTok often has the reputation the have varying views and likes, one may go ‘viral’ but the other may have only been viewed 10 times. Keeping in mind, this may be due to time posted, content, or even irregularity of posting – you could always create and Instagram account to promote your account and use the function of Reels to give a similar vibe for TikTok but on another platform!

Overall, I am killing to travel again, and can’t wait to see how you continue to work on your DA!”

I struggled a little more than the other posts to give critical feedback and comments on this blog. Katie was overall a little lost on her DA, not feeling that it had a particular aim. My advice? Find the aim! What interested her in the future of technology and travel? What did she want to look at and evaluate? The predictions so far? Whether it be in fictional universes such as Back to the Future, or even looking at the literal impact so far and seeing how we may move forward from that eg. COVID travel restrictions. So I did find it a little hard to give particular advice when Katie is struggling to define the topic in a way she wanted. I did give some advice on her use of a TikTok account and maybe thinking about using the similar feature on an Instagram account called Reels. It’s a similar process yet she can also run an Instagram page to promote particular videos, or post pictures of ideal travel locations! Overall, its an interesting topic, because at the moment, who wouldn’t just want to run away now and sip some drinks on the beach of an island?!

Looking at my contributions specifically, I believe my advice to be clear and simple. I’ve enjoyed reading/watching my peers DA’s so far and cant wait to see where they will be heading with them. Helping out I gave some resources they may even find handy in the future of their DA. I’ll be keeping a close eye on their DAs and how they continue till the end of the semester!

Till next time,

Alex Cooper

*1 of the comments was awaiting moderation, for marking purposes, I can provide a screen clip of the comment if needed, contact me if necessary*


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