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The Final Digital Artefact – BCM302

Whilst a little late to the digital artefact pitches, I am happy to share that for my Advanced Digital Artefact subject (BCM302) this semester, I will be participating in something a little different than what you might be used to seeing on my blog.

The Creative Services Team is a newly formed group of students throughout the BCM degree who completed some form of digital artefact. Here, we offer a service for other students with *almost* anything that we have skills with (relevant to the degree of course). For example, a member of the group might be really skilled at videography, so they might offer that service. Another student might have talents in the graphic design industry and social media area, so they may provide services relevant to that area.

This is done as an opportunity for team members to increase their skills, work with others and even have the chance to create content they may want to display on a professional level portfolio when looking for future work.

Personally, my broad range of skills has found me offering almost anything I can do, whether it be graphic design, content creation, social media work, visual media creation etc. Whilst I am hoping to increase work to display on my professional portfolio, it is also a chance for me to help other students. I personally found myself in my first year unsure of the first steps and wish there was someone to help guide me through the process of editing a WordPress website, or how to process a video on Adobe Premier Pro.

Students seeking these services will find it beneficial as they are interacting with students who are or have been in the same position as them before. It is creating a level of familiarity and comfort for other students to come to the team for assistance. Looking at a more legitimate way to refer to those seeking help would be quite like a client. Moving forward as this is a creator/client/freelance setting, I will refer to those seeking services, as a client.

While the team is still developing how to make a database to present our creator profiles, I hope to present my work on the social media profiles that I currently have. Mainly via Twitter because the majority of the BCM cohort is on Twitter. This is a platform that makes connecting with others quite simple.

Overall, I am keen to experience a new digital artefact. I have always steered quite close to my personal interests, but this is something that allows me to enhance my skills and abilities.

If you’re looking for some help with digital media creation of any kind, let me know!

Till next time,



Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

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