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A closer peer on my peers!

After my initial peer review blog post, we are coming back to check in on my peers and see how they are progressing through the semester with their digital artefacts. Checking back in with Maddy and Bonnie – who were both working with the Creative Services Team (Now the Digital Memo). Bonnie was also aiming to develop her portfolio of works, and Maddy was also working on her social presence online with Socially Maddy – her social media and management business.

Let’s check out how they are going –

Bonnie Stonestreet – The Digital Memo

Over the last few weeks, Bonnie has certainly been productive with her digital artefact. Bonnie frequently updates the BCM Twitter community on her progress with clients and her own personal progress. Bonnie has shared her collaborations with not only BCM students but also other UOW organisations. Bonnie has continued her original plan to provide graphic design services for the digital memo team as well as develop her own digital portfolio.

Bonnie has had a large success with her participation in the Digital Memo, helping multiple students (or clients) to achieve their digital media needs, sharing her progress and some insights into her work with the use of weekly TikTok’s. In one particular video she shared some of the work she had been doing for the UOW Café Amigos group, and also some Instagram posts for another student’s digital artefact through her work with the Digital Memo.

I believe that sharing her updates through TikTok is a great choice, not only is it allowing her access through another platform, but it also allows her to expand the ground on which she can essentially advertise her work to potential clients. Creating videos through TikTok provides an engaging side of media creation and something that is a little different than a standard image post or text online.

As per a previous discussion and recommendation, I can see Bonnie has mentioned online that she is planning to create a website to be a host for her professional portfolio. I do think this is wise as this will allow Bonnie to separate the two sides of her digital artefact. Creating a website allows a place where Bonnie can share her content and work online, but having that separate location for advertising her services / a business Instagram – can allow Bonnie to strictly have an account to advertise and create content with the pure intention of attracting and engaging with an audience.

Overall I believe that Bonnie is making positive progress with her digital artefact, and I am excited to see how it continues over the last few weeks of the semester – as well as potentially outside of the university semester.

Maddy Hawkins – The Digital Memo

Much like Bonnie, I believe that Maddy has made outstanding progress on her digital artefact. Maddy has taken a great deal of time and effort to gather her feedback and post our first feedback blogs. Continuing on the route of her own digital artefact of “Socially Maddy”, and the Digital Memo, I would say that Maddy has made significant progress. One example of this is her latest suggestion to sell social media templates and kits on platforms such as Etsy.

I think that this would be a great opportunity and market for a social media manager as well as a creator. We live in a world full of many individuals, and many people doing the same job, but there is a particular demand for social media managers when it comes to ease of access etc. Many people can make a pretty post, but not quite so many can fit to a brand’s ideal goals into their products. This is where Maddy’s idea comes to fruition of selling digital social media documents/templates, where individuals can purchase these products and continue to create their own content guided by a social media expert! Not only has this option allowed Maddy to find herself in a particular niche, but also allows Maddy to monetise her work, which is essential to begin her career in any industry.

Something that I also really liked was how Maddy was using her platform of Instagram to share some tips and tricks. Her latest post is a summary post, sharing updates to a well-known editing website named Canva. They had announced some pretty big changes to their platform, by offering more services. Maddy then got on Instagram and shared a little advice and a summary post. I believe that this is a good thing to do as it can allow clients to receive some advice without ‘paying’ for it, and also gives them the opportunity to explore the validity of her advice.

Having no particular point of change or note for Maddy, I can only encourage her to keep up the continuity online with posts. I believe that a regular posting schedule can assist in coming up with some posts in a bulk manner and then scheduling them to post at a later date. Keeping that active work up on her Instagram account allows an audience to know what to expect and even potentially what can allow them to continue to look back for any updates on the accounts.

Overall, I believe both Maddy and Bonnie are succeeding in the development of their digital artefact. The main goal of each is to develop their professional skills for times outside of the university. I look forward to seeing where both their digital artefacts end up over the next few weeks.

Until then.



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