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Subject Posts

Fourth Year Subjects – 2022

Advanced Digital Artefact (BCM302)

Hollywood and Beyond (BCM333)

Social Impact Design (VCD203)

Sound and Image (CAOS203)

Observational Drawing (CAVA211)

Typography (VCD201)

Third Year Subjects – 2021

Game Experience Design (BCM300)

Collaborative Production Workshop (BCM303)

Future Cultures (BCM325)

Design Principles (VAD190)

Game Media Industries (BCM215)

Design Practice (VAD192)

Interaction Design Fundamentals (VCD201)

Second Year Subjects – 2020

Emergent Media (BCM112)

Understanding Research Practice (BCM212)

Digital and Social Innovation (BCM214)

Global Media and Social Justice (BCM222)

Future Networks (BCM206)

Media Ethnographies (BCM241)

The Future of Work (BCM313)

First Year Subjects – 2019

Introduction to Communication and Media (BCM110)

Media Ethics and Law (BCM113)

Global Media and Culture (BCM111)

Making Media (BCM114)

Media, Art and Society (PHIL106)

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