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A Global Nervous System (wk2 BCM206)

Through the development in technology in our everyday lives, we have seen the way we/and our technology communicates with one another and how it has changed through these developments.

Before we had our mobile phones that can send messages in literal seconds, we had communication facilities that were very prehistoric compared to today. Typically it was letters that took months to arrive in the mail. What was once a month wait for a simple “How are you?” text, it is a few seconds to send that & a GIF of your favourite internet cat meme.

When the telephone was implemented by Graham Bell in 1876, a new world was opened up, there were things possible that no one could even begin to imagine. But this then meant, the demand for the telephone was astronomical. As per the image below, the amount of the power lines that would string between cities was web like. All connected as one, much like one big ‘nervous system’.


Published by Alex Cooper

UOW Communication and Media Student - Majoring in Digital and Social Media - Minoring in Graphic Design

One thought on “A Global Nervous System (wk2 BCM206)

  1. Hey, I love the way you compared the ‘How are you’ telegraph and text to show how far technology and communication have come in the past few hundred years. I also liked that this post isn’t too long which kept me interested the whole way through and I made it to the end still engaged with what you were saying. The only thing is in your last paragraph you mention ‘as per the image below’ but I couldn’t see any image but that may have been my computer, but apart from that I really enjoyed what you had to say!


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