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BCM313 Narrative Interview – Angela Court

My presentation slides that I used in the class presentation can be found here;

Narrative Interview – Angela Court – BCM313

The interview I conducted with my mum Angela, was something that was incredibly informative and interesting – especially in the aspect of the future of work. It was an interview that reminded me of things I already knew, but also gave me a gaze into what it is like being a small business owner in the rising age of technology.

I chose to interview my mum because, not only is she a full-time medical clinic manager and a full-time mother, but she is her own small business owner. She runs an online party and cake decorating store on eBay and her journey with the store was intriguing to listen too. I one day wish to run and own my own small business so not only in a personal sense but professionally, she is a big inspiration to me.

Before my interview with Angela, I had to prepare a few things. I needed to prepare and gather some background knowledge. Whilst it helped me that the interviewee was my own mum, I had to research her business from when it opened over 10 years ago where I could not remember some big aspects. From this, I had to look at our assignment criteria and write questions for the interview that were appropriate and most fitting for the assignment criteria with our interviewee. Then I had to arrange when we did our interview and how we were going to do it, Angela is currently living in Tasmania as a full-time carer for her elderly parents, so between caring for them, managing her jobs and maintaining her own business, it is difficult to calendar in an interview!

When I finally got her to sit down and I got to ask all the questions I hadn’t really thought about in regards to her business before, it was so interesting to see her opinion on the history of the store and the progression from a physical store front to an online store.

Overall, my interview was successful, and I learnt Angela’s opinion that there quite possibly is only a future for small businesses online. Technology is growing and developing rapidly every day before our eyes, and we need to adapt to that as it goes. Meaning for small businesses, if they do not adapt to technology and the manner of society, then they may possibly go under.

I found that presenting my interview to my class came with more difficultly and nerves than my other class presentations that I had done the previous 14 years of schooling. Reflecting on my nerves, this was possibly because there is an added pressure when discussing your parent to your class. I wanted to make sure I showed how hard my mum works, and that from having such strong work ethics she can nearly do anything! But in the end, past a lot of stuttering and losing track of my thoughts, I successfully shared my interview with the class.

I find myself thinking more and more after my presentation about some of the values my mum shared with me. I hope to adopt some of her values in the workplace, her hard work, dedication, and loyalty are things I admire and hope I can take it forward with me.

I’m grateful for my mum for giving the time to talk to me, and my class for listening to my presentation.




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