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BCM112 Digital Artefact – AMC Designs Studio

My digital artefact is an online store run via Etsy, called AMC Designs Studio. I made hand crafted frames with multiple art products and then sell the final product on my store. I created this product and idea for my digital artefact because I wanted to use my creative abilities and promote them through social media, in the hopes of starting my own business in the future.

In 2019, the Guardian released an article stating that the number of teenagers starting up their own business has increased ‘eightfold’ in the past decade (The Guardian, 2019). This something that I read when beginning to research my topic, it really stood out to me. The open accessibility and rise of technology in todays era was something us young individuals can use to our advantage. Not only to start my own business, but I also wanted to create a place where individuals can display my artwork in their homes or places where they are comfortable.

During the course of my digital artefact, I have primarily aimed my content for individuals interested in pop culture and fandom related content. As a follower myself on ‘fandom’ merchandise, I always love seeing the creative products that individuals can purchase and display in their home to represent the things that they love in their lives. I also aim to cater my products to audiences who are interested in supporting small businesses and handmade products.

AMC Design Studio Starter Pack

Not only running the store was the only aspect of my digital artefact, but also running an Instagram and even then, a Facebook page happened during the course of my digital artefact. This not only connected my digital artefact with more roots to media, but also expanded the platforms in which I could promote my store on.

The beginning of my digital artefact was one of uncertainty. I was lost as many BCM’ers are, unsure what to do or how to do it. As a second-year student I had already done BCM214 before BCM112 and my first ever digital artefact was a Twitch channel, but I found that ultimately unsuccessful. Coming into a new year, new DA feeling, I was sure I wanted to find something that really suited me.

It wasn’t until I had remembered an art frame I had made and then began thinking about it more. With some feedback from some fellow BCM students on the twitter, I was set on creating AMC Designs Studio a reality. Then followed the design of my logos and the design of some of my first frames. When they were then designs, I posted my first few frames for sale.

Of course, with all processes, there were some key learning moments during my digital artefact. One of them being the process of promoting my frames via the correct platforms. Initially as discussed, I created my social media page only on Instagram, but upon looking at my followers and experiences from helping run other pages, I actually created a Facebook page that promotes my store and products.

Over the course of my digital artefact, I had thought I would be more popular with content creators on social media, I thought I would develop more of a following and individuals that wanted to purchase my frames. However, this has not been the case. It hasn’t been a case of overnight fame with my store, but I have still sold 3 frames. It was so exciting to see those 3 orders some in and I loved getting to do the final design, promote it on social media and then package the product to mail it.

Overall, I believe my digital artefact to be a successful adventure. I have enjoyed making something that is affordable, popular and something that can help make a revenue for me to create more products. In the future I wish to expand the mediums that I use in my store, possibly considering need art frames or even resin. My audience has been incredibly supportive of my digital artefact and I wish to continue AMC Designs Studio out of BCM112.

Till next time,

AMC Designs Studio

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